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Appropriate Behavior

  • Cursing is not allowed. Teens who are cursing must leave the building.
  • Teens should remove hats and hoods so their faces are visible.
  • Teens should not use gang signs.
  • Teens should not annoy others physically or verbally. They must keep their hands to themselves.
  • Teens eating a snack or candy should stay in the teen center but cannot eat their snack at the computer.
  • Teens eating meals should eat in the café. There should be no more than two teens per table and no more than two tables being utilized by the teens who are eating meals in the cafe.
  • Teens should throw trash into the garbage cans or the recycling bins.
  • Cell phones must be put on vibrate or silent. All library patrons must go into the lobby when using their cell phones.
  • Headphones and electronic devices should not be audible to others. Volume should be kept low to not disrupt others.
  • Teens should follow first requests from ALL STAFF. Teens not following rules or staff requests will be asked to leave or take a walk outside.

Teen Rules

General Info

Teen Center is open at 2:30 pm on regular school days and 1:00 pm during half days, school testing days and midterms. Teens are not allowed into the library prior to this time unless as part of a school tour or if accompanied by a parent. Staff will ask teens in the library prior to this time to leave the building and come back at 2:30 pm (or 1:00 pm during half days and midterms).

Only teens between the ages of 13 – 18 or who are currently in high school are allowed into the Teen Corner (if there is an 18+ year old who is still in high school they must stay in the adult area).

Use of Teen Corner

Teens with adult friends may not congregate in the cafe.

All teens should be sitting in the designated teen area. Teens should not be roaming around the building or wandering in and out. They should also not block the 2nd floor landing, stairs, lobby, vestibule or any of the entrances.

Tables in the ref. area are for adults, not for teens, unless the teen center has no open seats available. If there are no seats in Teen Corner then they may use a table outside of the teen area but still be visible and manageable by the person manning the teen desk.

The only circumstances where adults will be permitted into the teen area is if they are teachers with a class or on a tour, staff or volunteer workers. Otherwise no adults are allowed in the teen area at any time. Parents and teens may use the adult computer area if they are working on the computer together. Staff may use their discretion for special circumstances. Teens with younger siblings must stay in the Jr. area to supervise them. Juniors will not be permitted in the teen area.

Banned Teen Patrons

Teens may be banned for inappropriate behavior. All incidents, including calls to the police must be reported and given to administration to be kept on record. Banned teens will not be allowed back into the building and will have all library privileges suspended. Banned teens entering the library will be asked them to leave. Teens refusing to leave will be escorted out. Under no circumstances should a teen who has been banned be let back into the building. Once a ban is lifted it will be put on record so staff knows the teen is allowed back into the building.

Computer Use

Teens are entitled to two 1-hour sessions on their library cards. Teens who have purchased a visitor pass will only have 1 hour of computer time. Under special circumstances (like a school project, job application, or homework) time may be extended as per the staff’s discretion. One teen per computer at a time unless they are working on an assignment as per staff discretion.

Teens must read for 30 minutes Monday - Thursday before getting on the computer unless they are doing homework. Teens are not required to read on Friday and Saturday. During summer hours Teens must read for 15 minutes Monday – Thursday before getting on the computer unless they are doing homework. Teens are not required to read on Friday and Saturday.

15 minute computer for teens: The 15 minute computer in teen can be used for one session per day by one person at a time. Teens using the 15 minute computer do not have to read if they are checking email, contacting a parent, printing school or work related items. Teens may not use the adult 15 minute computer.

Homework Time/Quiet Time

Homework and quiet time is enforced Monday - Thursday 5 - 7pm. Any quiet activity (reading, using a device, using the computer) is acceptable. Any teens not doing homework, using the computer quietly or quietly reading must leave the building or attend a scheduled library event.

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