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Homebound Services

East Orange Public Library offers Delivery Service for Homebound Patrons who reside in East Orange and are temporarily or permanently unable to travel to the library due to illness, age or disability. There is no charge for this service.

Books and non-print materials will be delivered on a regular, monthly basis. We will notify you by phone when the delivery will be made. Materials will be picked up and returned to the Library for you.

For more information please contact, Adult Services Supervisor Nathalia Bermudez at 973-266-7049 or email her at

Rules and Procedures

  • Homebound Service will only be provided to East Orange residents.
  • To be eligible, patrons must be temporarily or permanently unable to travel to the Library due to illness, age or disability. A doctor's or caregiver’s certificate may be requested for eligibility.
  • When requesting the service, the patron will be asked as discreetly as possible to explain the need for homebound services.
  • Acceptance into the program will be based upon the conditions of disability and the availability of Library resources.
  • Delivery will be made in East Orange only.
  • Materials will be checked out on the patron’s library card.
  • Overdue fines will not be charged. However, no new materials will be provided until all overdue items are returned except with the approval of a librarian.
  • Books may be renewed a maximum of two times. A maximum of 10 items may be borrowed per month.
  • Patrons may call to place requests for specific items to be delivered on their next route date. Popular items may not be available immediately, but the patron's request will be placed in the system.
  • Items can be renewed if there are no outstanding requests. This may be done by telephone at (973) 266-5601.
  • All items are charged out for 28 days.
  • Homebound patrons are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged items.
  • Cancellation of Homebound Service will be made after 2 months of inactivity except with the approval of a librarian.